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Southern Enduro 2018 - Round #2 Pippingford Park

Every couple of months ephemeral mist forms in woodland in Southern England. Building for a few days it clears on a Sunday morning to allow entry into a magical world – Southern Enduroland. For the price of two wheels and a ticket you can come and enjoy this land of joy and laughter, exhilaration and exhaustion, friendship and competition.

This isn’t a fairy tale but racing Southern Enduro truly does feel like entering another world, especially at Pippingford Park, which so far has a 100% sunshine record as a race venue (did you hear that QECP?!). After driving through some of Kent and Sussex’s finest countryside, you pull into Pippingford Park and a grass and wooded valley opens up before you. Maybe it’s the sunshine or maybe it’s the nature of the course – long and varied stages with some fun features and plenty of pedalling – either way, I love Pippingford.

Having missed the Day/Night Enduro in May it felt like a long time since Round 1 and a broken mech and hangar meant it was tou…

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